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Humble and Fred's Big Announcement

Humble and Fred's Big Announcement

Some of you are fans of Humble and Fred's podcast (now at 50 episodes!) and will be interested in this sweet slice of Humble and Fred news.

Humble and Fred have a major announcement to make with regards to a multi-media conglomerate.  I've seen the agreement, and it's pretty awesome for a couple of guys who couldn't get a gig on terrestrial radio and decided to roll their own.  I'm damn proud I get to help with the rolling and got in on the ground floor.

I'll let Humble and Fred unveil the specifics, something they intend to do in the next couple of weeks.  Rest assured it doesn't mean the end of their podcasts, merely a new beginning, and they'll continue to own their content and do their own thing.


Feel free to guess what they'll be announcing.  That's always fun.

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