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The Crosby Demand: Giving the People What They Want


Did you catch the game last night?  Sidney Crosby returned after battling post-concussion syndrome for 11 months and played like the best player in the world.  Two goals and two assists later, it was the water cooler topic of choice for millions in this country.

My buddy Pete is completely disinterested in the Sidney Crosby story, and he doesn't understand why it's getting so much coverage.  Here's our Twitter debate on the subject:


This coverage doesn't surprise me in the least.  Generally speaking, Canadians love hockey, and Crosby isn't just any run-of-the-mill NHLer.  He's our best, a national hero and the biggest name playing the game today, and in this country, that's going to create humongous demand.

And not just from puck heads like me.  I've had a few conversations with casual fans who usually don't clue in until the Stanley Cup finals, and they were all about Crosby's comeback and 4-point effort.  I believe the coverage is warranted, and media outlets are merely giving the people what they want.

What do you think?  Is this too much Crosby?

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