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My Own Deep Throated Cardinal at Toronto City Hall to Spill Beans on Rob Ford

city hall cardinal

This could be big...

I have my very own Toronto City Hall informant.  I've met this source and can vouch for his / her authenticity.  I call him / her Cardinal.

Cardinal will report to me periodically regarding his / her observations at City Hall, particularly with regards to Rob Ford.  Here's the first instalment from Cardinal.

Hey... I just found out that the $700 whatever million that this city is apparently in debt with, is actually more like $400 million... The car registration tax actaully brings in $300 million a year.  So guess what's most likely going to happen.... the registration tax is most likely going to come back, as well as some other bullshit ploy, just to make Mr. Ford's administration look like they saved the day.  The registration tax coming back is just speculation, but the figures about the deficit are straight from the top finance guy! Basically, Ford can wipe away the deficit in a year, but he's making it look like this big ordeal just so he can carry out his agenda and look like a hero.  Not to mention that they just happened to find another $140 million lying around this week!

We're starting slow, but this could speed up quick.  Stay tuned...

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