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Tea Party Site Confusion


I never liked the Tea Party.  I'm talking about the now-defunct band from Windsor, of course, not that silly political movement in the States.

The Cancon band Tea Party owns, and Business Week says that could make them rich.

There’s no hotter name in politics right now than the Tea Party. But anyone seized with a desire for smaller government who visits won’t find angry activists in tricorn hats spouting Thomas Jefferson. Instead, they’ll land on the website of a Canadian rock band of the same name that pioneered a style of Middle Eastern fusion known as “Moroccan roll” and broke up six years ago. This causes endless confusion for the millions of people who Google “Tea Party” each month. It’s no picnic for the band members, either. “So much damage has been done to our name by the political movement that we’re considering selling,” says Stuart Chatwood, The Tea Party’s bassist.

The article says could sell for over $1 million.  They've bought low, I say it's time to sell high.  I'm sure they can pick up for a great deal less.

On that note, the bidding for starts at $500.  Do I hear $600?

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