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Has Bob McDonald ever produced a bad episode of Quirks & Quarks?  If you're unfamiliar with Quirks & Quarks, you're missing out.

Quirks & Quarks is a weekly science news program heard on CBC Radio One.  The original host was David Suzuki, who started with the program in 1975.  Then, Jay Ingram hosted from 1979-1991 and Bob McDonald has hosted ever since.

Bob McDonald does a fantastic job, taking complex science and making it digestible and interesting to regular folks like me.  You can download previous episodes at and I suggest you dive in and hear what you've been missing.

Lots of people like to criticize the CBC, but in my humble opinion, they produce a wide variety of fascinating shows that always leave me wanting more.  If I could only get one radio station, I'd want to get CBC Radio One.

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