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Dean Blundell Contemplates Quitting 102.1


Dean Blundell's been tweeting today that he's thinking about packing it in soon.  In fact, those are his exact words.


In that tweet, he says "Thinking of packing it in soon".  When someone replied with a "say it ain't so", he replied with a clarifying "I think its so sir".


What has Dean Blundell tweeting about quitting the Dean Blundell Show on 102.1 The Edge?  "Gotta grow dude. Noone knows how much time we have and its silly to not use it properly."


If Blundell does in fact step down from his morning show duties at the Edge, I hope he does something similar to what he used to do with Eye Weekly.  His columns are no longer online, but if you click over to that entry I wrote, you'll see I copied and pasted a couple of the better ones in the comments.

But the question remains: much a-tweet about nothing or is the DBS winding down?

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