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What If You Knew The Setlist in Advance?


I saw Heart and Def Leppard last night at the Molson Amphitheatre. The tickets were in the WagJag box, which is right behind the sound and light mixers.

They were great seats, but being behind the sound and light mixers meant there was to be no surprises.  I had a perfect view of both setlists.


On the bright side, I could anticipate hearing my favourite tunes and I knew when the encore was truly over, but I found myself missing the element of surprise.  It's fun when you hear that note that tells you what they're playing next, and it's fun trying to guess what they'll close with, etc.  I think I'd prefer not knowing the setlist in advance.

What about you?  If you had the option, would you want to know the setlist in advance?

The pictures above, by the way, were taken from Teena in Toronto's blog.  She was there in the WagJag box last night as well, after winning a little contest.  She took way better pics than I did.

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