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i, robot

so i'm a big fan of the basic storyline of spielberg's Artificial Intelligence. the movie has some flaws but i loved the premise.

but here's a question. what's your take on the creatures who show up near the end of the movie? i debated this quite a bit with a friend of mine and he was convinced they were aliens, whereas my belief is that they were in fact an even more advanced form of A.I, or said another way - what humans are going to evolve into over the next thousand years or  so.

in reality, i personally believe that's pretty much where we're headed. from an evolutionary perspective, our days are numbered - at least in terms of how we exist today.

there's a scientist/ inventor/ futurist/ named Ray Kurzweil who paints a fascinating picture of how this is all going to go down. he even predicts that the fusion of humans/machines will begin as early as 2029, due mainly to how technology speeds up exponentially year after year.

there's an excellent documentary about Kurzweil and his theories called transcendant man that you should check out.

he knows his shit. he predicted the effing internet long before the effing internet existed as we know it today.

what do you think?

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