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Bev and Christopher Go On a Date - Read All About It!


About a month ago, I asked who wanted to date Bev.  Bev is looking for a single guy in the GTA and I thought I might be able to set something up via this blog.

Christopher was first to reply that he would date Bev.

I would date Bev. Really. I'm single, over 30, in the GTA (Well, Pickering, but close enough), and NOT a psychopath (no matter what the stuffed animals tell you ;) ).
The question is, would Bev be interested in a guy like me? To be perfectly honest, I don't share a lot of her interests. Mine are more around computers, and movies, and indoor games, and such. But that doesn't mean I am willing to be willing to give it a shot.

On paper, this wasn't a great match.  Bev wanted an outdoorsman, Christopher was more of an indoorsman.  But, both were willing to meet for coffee and that happened last Friday at 4pm.  Here's what Christopher had to say about the experience...

Having never done anything like this before, I was a bit nervous, so I arrived a half an hour early to make sure I wasn't late.  I drove to Sherway Gardens from my work in Scarborough, and thankfully there was no traffic to worry about. When I arrived, I ordered a large tea and sat close to the doorway.  When Bev arrived, I bought her a latte, then we sat and talked for well over an hour.  We discussed several topics, such as the recent hot weather, movies, hobbies, as well as careers before we had to leave.
Meeting Bev was great, and I had a great time doing this.  Even though our time was short, she was definitely fun to be with.  She is very smart, and very friendly.  I want to thank Bev for taking time out of her day, and for a lovely time.  I also want to thank Mike for spending the time to organize this.

It sounds like Christopher had a good time.  Here's what Bev had to say about the experience...

I met up with Chris last Friday. First, thank you Chris for a great conversation! Nothing's more awkward than a silent hour so great there was none of that. haha. Oh and driving out so far. I think you have great values and have a solid head on your shoulders. Not to mention poker genius! Chris is a great guy but I do not feel chemistry there. Just being honest which I think everyone deserves. I respect you Chris, for what you've been through.

It doesn't sound like a love connection this time, but we tried!  Thanks Christopher and Bev for giving it a shot.  If anyone else wants a date with Bev, leave a comment below.

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