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The Difference Between Leafs Fans and Habs Fans

Stanley Cup

I haven't written much about these Stanley Cup finals, but I've been watching.  Truth be told, it's been tough to get into this series.  I hate Boston, and want to root for the Canucks, but I'd like the next Canadian team to win the cup to be my Toronto Maple Leafs.

On Twitter, it seems the bulk of hockey fans outside British Columbia are rooting for the Bruins.  The Canucks are an easy team to dislike.  You can't blame the masses for turning on Vancouver, but you can blame Habs fans.

That's the primary difference between Leafs fans and Habs fans.  No Leafs fan worth his or her salt would ever root for the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup finals.  We'd root passionately for the other team, regardless of which one that is.  Habs fans, at least the ones I follow on Twitter, seem to be cheering for Boston.

Don't Habs fans hate Boston the way we Leafs fans hate Habs fans?  I realize these Canucks are pretty hateful, but there's no way Habs fans should be cheering for Boston.

I guess that's the difference between Leafs fans and Habs fans.  We hate better.

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