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Toronto has plenty of reddit addicts.

Here are the most active cities by total pageviews (reddit's Google Analytics, Jan-May 2011:

  1. New York: 9.5M
  2. Toronto: 5.4M
  3. Los Angeles: 5.3M
  4. Chicago: 4.7M
  5. San Francisco: 4.5M
  6. Seattle: 4.3M
  7. London: 4.1M
  8. Austin: 3.7M
  9. Vancouver: 2.7M
  10. Houston: 2.6M

A strong second place for this city.  Here's the most addicted/engaged countries by avg. pageviews per visit (reddit's Google Analytics, Jan-May 2011):

  1. Canada: 15.72
  2. United States: 15.46
  3. Denmark: 13.99
  4. Norway: 13.81
  5. Sweden: 13.34
  6. Netherlands: 12.89
  7. United Kingdom: 12.86
  8. Ireland: 12.57
  9. Belgium: 11.98
  10. Finland: 11.27

reddit's Today I Learned has become a daily must-read for me.  How else would I know that less than a century ago, this man, Frank Williams, was considered so fat he could be part of a circus freak show.


Today, we'd consider him slim.

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