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Damien Cox Quits Toronto Star for TSN


Star of Cox and Berger of the Bells, and columnist for the Toronto Star for as long as I can remember, Damien Cox has apparently resigned from the Star to take a full-time position with TSN.

I can already hear Canadians outside of the GTA complaining that TSN has hired another Toronto guy, further proof that TSN stands for Toronto Sports Network.  Let me assure these people that Damien Cox actually hates Toronto with a passion.

Click that link to see what I mean.  On Twitter, he's obnoxious and ridiculous, once picking a fight with the Pension Plan Puppets guys.  When I asked Damien Cox aloud why he hated us so, I closed with this.

I'm not sure why Damien Cox hates us so, but I sense he feels threatened. Suddenly you don't need to work for the Toronto Star to have a publishing platform to voice your opinions. Suddenly your detractors can do more than simply write a letter to the editor. We can harness the power of Twitter, Facebook and blogs to be heard.
Damien's comfortable world is dying. You can almost understand why he's lashing out.

And now he has his deal with TSN and can quit his gig at the Star.  I hope he's happy, but I'm sure he's not.

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