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Italian Food Heaven at Palma Pasta

palma pasta

Back in February, I wrote about how I met Il Duce.  Il Duce has been breaking my balls in the comments of this site for years.  If you revisit that entry, you'll see how this all started on Humble Howard's old blog and how he read aloud Il Duce's trashing of me during the 20th anniversary Humble and Fred podcast.

I love lasagna.  That Friday in February, I was just looking to try Palma Pasta's lasagna, as it was recommended by a friend.  Il Duce recognized me, introduced himself, and as it turns out we hit it off.  Life is strange that way.

As a side business, I often work with people and smaller companies on managing their web presence.  I take you from A to Z, build a search-friendly HTML website with a blog, integrate a social media component and teach you how to manage the site and blog while measuring everything with Google Analytics.  I've even got an awesome $5000 package, contact me if you're interested.

Il Duce was interested.  I worked with the awesome folks at Palma Pasta on replacing their Flash site with new HTML site run off a CMS built with SEO in mind.  Click on over to the new Palma Pasta site to see what went live this morning.

And if you're ever interested in amazing Italian food in Mississauga, Palma Pasta truly is awesome, and they cater, sell retail and wholesale.  And yes, I felt that way before I ever worked with Il Duce.  You can't beat Palma Pasta's lasagna.

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