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Try It For A Week, Change Your Life: The Barilkosphere Challenge


This afternoon, I interviewed Habs blogger The Active Stick for a job.  At some point during our conversation, we compared the Barilkosphere to the Habs blogosphere.

The first thing you need to know about the comparison is that we're united under the awesome handle "Barilkosphere" while they're divided under the cumbersome name "Habs Blogosphere".  As we talked, The Active Stick seemed envious, as if she really wanted to be a part of our club.  That's when I challenged her...

"Try rooting for the Leafs for one week and I promise you'll never look back."

It's true, we haven't played in a Stanley Cup final during my lifetime, but cheering for the Leafs is good for the soul, spiritually fulfilling and a whole lot of fun.  The Barilkosphere is smarter, funnier and better looking as a whole than online fans of any other team, especially the Montreal Canadiens.  A Habs fan would be unable to hate our Leafs after spending a week in our shoes.  They'd never look back.

Are there any fans of other teams willing to take The Barilkosphere Challenge?  Give us a week and we'll change your life.  I'm looking right at you, The Active Stick.

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