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Loquaciously Combative When Lacking Factual Ammunition


Disappointed in recent efforts from my Leafs, I wrote this.  They then went out and laid an egg against the Panthers.

That entry did entice a chap who goes by the handle Whitby - Clark to wax poetic on the subject.  The following words are his, and they are beautiful.

How can one emerge loquaciously combative when lacking factual ammunition?
 In a perceptive state of despondence and exasperation I simply cannot congregate the fortitude required for the organization of an argumentative campaign. Alas; for this day I fall nothing short of incapable and disinclined.
Scarcity of integrity would be an acute definition to verbalize the least.
 I fall witness to atrociousness; save Luke Schenn.
 Failed attempts to provide victorious engagements have left this devotee in dishevelment. Depleted passion has seen the crescendo of inner animosities and discouragements regarding said saddening situation. Perhaps promises of gratifying ventures towards the horizons have become sequestered in an unobtainable fashion.
 Absence of light at the cessation of the thoroughfare has left our denouement undistinguishable.
To you; issuance of surrender is the offering, accompanied by ones utmost sincere humility.
 The branding has now become scarring as the wounds struggle through cauterization.
 However be forewarned; vainglorious boasting will not bode will amongst the nation.
 There will be a turn of tide, we will win again.
*while providing necessary amendments towards quotations care-of lunar expeditionary;*
“That’s one small step for [a] FAN, one giant leap for LEAFS NATION”
Whitby - Clark

Just one thing... Leafs Nation is our slave name.  In truth, drenched and blue and white forever, we are the Barilkosphere.

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