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Firefox Is 6 Today - I Was There


Exactly 6 years ago, I wrote about Firefox 1.0.

You're viewing this page in Firefox, right?  If that's a little blue "e" in the top left corner, you haven't made the switch yet.  Firefox is my web browser of choice and I strongly urge everyone to install and use it.
If you are viewing this page in Firefox, you'll notice the navigation menu to your left is static. (You may need to reload the page - press F5) As you scroll down this page, the navigation menu stays put, making it much easier to visit other pages without having to scroll all the way back up to the top.  This is done quite simply with CSS using code that has been blessed by the W3C, yet it won't work in Internet Explorer.
Today, the Mozilla Foundation unleashed its long-awaited Firefox 1.0 web browser.  This has resulted in an overwhelming amount of traffic to as hundreds of thousands of people look to download a better browser.  If you're still using Internet Explorer and need to install Firefox, it would probably be best to wait another day or two before trying to access the download site.  Then you can enjoy the fixed navigation menu on this site.

That was six years ago, and I was there.  I've actually since switched to Chrome, but I've got mega warm fuzzies for Firefox.  Six years is a long time in web years.

Happy birthday, Firefox.

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