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USS at the Courthouse


I was at The Courthouse last night for this Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Send Off Party.  As a teetotaller, I wasn't there for the free Smirnoff drinks, I was there for Ubiquitious Synergy Seeker.

I friggin' love these guys.  Here are some previous write ups on USS. Formed in Parkdale, these guys meld rock, rap, folk, dance, funk, thrash with the perfect amount of scratching and yelling.  It's my kind of sound, and it was great seeing them again.

In addition to the expected hits like "Hollow Point Sniper Hyperbole", "2 15/16", "Drop Around The Clock", "Pornostartrek", "Laces Out", "Anti-Venom" and "3 Purple Butterflies" we got a few cool covers of "Hey Ya", "Wonderwall" and "Fell In Love With A Girl".  It was a great show in a very intimate setting and thanks to my VIP passes, I had full run of the place.


Thanks to you know who you are for hooking me up.

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