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Bill Barilko Audio Recording - Listen to Bill Barilko Speak

Bill Barilko

For the longest time, I was #1 in Google when you searched for Bill Barilko. Something called Wikipedia has since passed me, but I'm usually #2.  I've maintained a tribute to Bashin' Bill for a decade, complete with video evidence of his overtime winner in '51, but I've never heard his voice... until today.

A site called is now hosting audio recordings of Bill Barilko.  It's surreal hearing Barilko speak for the first time after wearing his #5 jersey all these years.  Listen to him here chatting with his older brother Alex in Hollywood where Bill was playing for the Wolves in the PCHL.  It's a greeting for their mother and sister Anne back home in Timmins.

[via @barilko]

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