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Will the Real Jimmy T Please Stand Up


This is embarrassing...

This comment was left by Jimmy T, former Virgin radio disc jockey.  At least I thought it was from Jimmy T.  I know lots of radio people, and it reeked of an inside perspective and was signed by Jimmy T.  Alas, during one of the busiest weeks of my life, I failed you all and was apparently (allegedly?) fooled by a fake Jimmy T.

The real Jimmy T contacted me last night, convinced me I had erred and promised to write me an exclusive to set the record straight.

This is for all you Jimmy T fans out there.  And Jimmy, I'm awfully sorry.  Won't get fooled again.

Hey guys, im the REAL Jimmy T and just wanted to extend my thanks to you guys for understanding the situation here.

I'll be the first one to admit that being let go was a bit of a shock, i know that astral and i didnt always see eye to eye on everything and it did sting a bit when i got the unfortunate news, but i left that day back in june amidst handshakes and well wishes from everyone that i saw.  Even my boss at the time extended his thanks and offered his help if i ever needed it for references or the like.

And for those who have ever been jocks before, you well know that when you are let go, you're swiftly escorted from the building. In my case it was the exact opposite, i was allowed to roam freely unattended for over a half hour to say my goodbyes to friends. I went from dept to dept and it was fine as fine could be. My last stop, my pd's office to shake his hand before leaving. My only regret was not being able to work with him longer, i really liked him and told him so on several occasions.

When I got word of the post on toronto mike, i initially laughed about it because anyone who knows me would understand that none of that post makes any sense and doesnt match my feelings in the least. And as for the Wylde comment, that one is even dumber. In the days after my release, ppl on the vigin facebook wall asked where i was and seemed sad in their writing. I commented using my real name and my real facebook page and told them that Adam is a great guy and he'll do well and to give him a chance.

So this whole thing is ridiculous and sad.  I have friends at astral to this very day and everyone knows that, so for someone to take it upon themselves to chime in on something they obviously dont understand, is moronic. i was "defended" in regards to something that didnt need defending, so to whoever spammed mike's page at my expense with that nonsense, you failed.

Gotta love this business sometimes.

~ Jimmy T
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