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Jimmy T Goes Off on Virgin Radio


Back in July, I wrote about some folks being let go by Astral-owned Virgin Radio.  I don't personally listen to 999 Virgin Radio, but I learnt that Jimmy T, Chris Biggs, Taylor Kaye and Lydia Stratus were let go.

Some guy named Mike (not me) chimed in with a comment.

Jimmy t got fired because he was fixing all the contests so his friends can win...Trust me i know

Jimmy T responded with a very interesting comment of his own.

@Mike, or should I call you 'Nick'?
I got fired for fixing contests LOL?! News to me. I was fired because I refused to bend over and take it in the ass when new management was brought in and screwed the entire vision of what Virgin Radio was supposed to be, up.
Fact is, it's an PD and APD with no idea of what works and what doesn't work in this market. No offense to Adam, but he's not ready yet. In 2-3 years, yes, but right now, no. I was slaughtering him in the ratings at night for his entire run at Kiss 92, so to replace the number one guy with the number 5 guy and think you're going to win, is just plain stupid thinking. The ratings have proven this since my last book at Virgin and his first book alone at night with Virgin. Love me or hate me, the numbers don't lie. He's losing already. He needs guidance, he needs structure, and he's not getting it there.
For the record, my ratings at night were number one in the city, so it had little to do with return on an investment. I made them shit tons of money with my numbers, as did Taylor, Biggs and Lydia. Our numbers were the highest the station had to offer and I assure you I was getting paid a fraction of the Breakfast Show salary. If you wanna cut, cut where you AREN'T making revenue, not your 3 best sources of it.
I could name off about 34 other reasons why that place is falling apart, and I assure you, it IS falling apart. Company morale has been at an all time low I'm told, even now. Ratings are dropping as well. Not a good sign.
I'm back on air starting Monday at Z1035, Mon-Fri 7pm-10pm, then Monaco is on after me. See? Smart companies can HIRE people without having to FIRE people to make changes. "Corporate" should have a look into how that happens and adopt some brains.
In closing, thanks to those who were wondering where I was, to those that didn't care, well, here's to hoping I can make you care in the future. And to "Mike" who clearly has no idea what he's talking about, stay out of the conversation and let the big boys and girls handle these issues.

Very interesting insight!

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