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Wave's Bloody Seductive Premise Crushed by Complexity

google wave

Google has stopped developing Google Wave.  Quite simply, not enough people were using Google Wave.

I began beta testing Google Wave last October, and sincerely wanted to like it. One month later, I foresaw this day.

I want to love Google Wave, because it's a bloody seductive premise, but it's just not intuitive enough for mass appeal. I'm one of those bleeding edge guys when it comes to web apps and I have a very hard time wrapping my feeble brain around Google Wave's advantage. I can't tell you how many folks I've been waving with who just throw up their arms and exclaim "I don't get it!". It's so hard to figure out, and life is so short...

As recently as this past weekend I logged back into Google Wave to see if maybe a light would go on and I'd see how I could actually use it to make my life better.  Again, I left puzzled, wondering who was using Wave.

Google Wave was too smart for its own good.  Bloody seductive, but crushed by complexity.

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