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It's 1980, I'm Crying, But I'm Wearing that Hat


I don't have many pictures of me as a kid.  There's a long story there, but this entry isn't about that.  This entry is about a picture I have of me as a kid in which I'm crying.

Here's the picture...

Yet More Me as a Kid

When I look at that picture, the first thing I wonder is why I'm crying.  I'm guessing by the way I'm holding my head that I've just been hit there.  Maybe one of my little brothers drilled me with a rock... I certainly can't remember.

Then I wonder what year this picture was taken.  I look younger than my son is right now, so I'm thinking I'm about 6.  If it's the summer I turned six, we're looking at a picture from 1980.  Of course, I might only be 5, in which case this is the 70s.

And finally, and the reason I'm writing this entry, I notice my hat.  I'm wearing a Blue Jays cap.  I've just played 5 baseball games (okay, 4 were slo-pitch and 1 was 3-pitch softball, but baseball sounds better) in three nights and for all five games I donned that very same hat.  No, it wasn't that exact hat, but it was that exact style with that exact logo.  As I wrote three years ago, I despise the new Jays logo and refuse to wear it.  It's the old logo for me, and I'm sure that will remain the case until my last breath.

It's time we bring back the old Blue Jays logo.

Retro Jays Hat

Update: Finally found a picture of me as a kid in which I'm not crying.  In this picture, with my brother Ryan beside me, I'm wearing what I believe is the coolest shirt in the history of the world.  I want this shirt, in fact, it's now my personal quest to find and buy this shirt.

Ryan and I as Kids
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