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They call these the dog days of summer.  It's hot, life is busy and less people are in front of their computers looking at blogs.

I write about what I find interesting.  You'll be hard pressed to find an entry on this site I don't care about.  Go ahead and search this site for information on Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton... you'll come up pretty empty, because I don't care about them.

A couple of big stories have come and gone these past two weeks, and I've intentionally ignored both.  LeBron James' hour long ESPN special regarding his decision was one, and Mel Gibson's recorded phone call is the other.  Considering LeBron didn't re-sign with Cleveland, I think his production was a bit over-the-top and overly insulting to Cavs fans, but he's an unrestricted free agent and he can sign wherever he likes.  Clearly he'd rather join a stacked deck in Miami than build a championship around him elsewhere, but that's his prerogative.  Now I have another team to root against.

Mel is a homophobic, anti-semitic, sexist, racist, angry man and I choose not to chat him up at Tim's.  That's my prerogative.  But that's the story.  He's not a great guy and he's got issues.  And Howard Stern will have a field day with his recorded phone calls for all of eternity.

Speaking of Stern, damn I'm enjoying the Sirius radio on the car I've borrowed.  I've always enjoyed Stern's show, but being away from it for a year just reminded me how damn entertaining he is.  I don't care what you think of Stern, I love his radio show.

And I'm glad Hedo's gone.  Ball.

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