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My 2010 World Cup Choice and FootieFox #worldcup

world cup

Once again, I'm without a rooting interest in this World Cup.  I faced the same dilemma four years ago.

At that time, with neither my #1 Canada nor my #2 Ireland represented, I decided to go three deep and root for the Netherlands.  By June 15, 2006, I had changed my mind and adopted Trinidad and Tobago as my team.

At this time, the Netherlands is still an option, but I'm leaning toward pokies New Zealand.  Why the hell not?  I love Flight of the Conchords, the other me is from there and they're major underdogs.  That works for me!

And before I leave this World Cup entry by a guy who only watches soccer when he's at BMO Field or during the World Cup, I have to remind you all about FootieFox.  FootieFox is a Firefox extension that I loved during the last World Cup.  It put the current score in my status bar and played a "Scores!" soundbite whenever a goal was scored.  If you can't watch the games, you'll love FootieFox.

Download FootieFox here, and go New Zealand go!.

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