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Me and St. Joe's: A Week in Review


It's been quite the week.  I've spent approximately 12 hours at St. Joe's emergency because of a hard slide into third that went horribly wrong, and I anticipate spending another six or so hours there this weekend.  It's completely hogging my leisure time.

My Blackberry can't get a signal in the St. Joseph's emergency ward.  I can, however, participate in my favourite hospital game: people watching.

As a regular, who spends a lot of time watching people come and go while I wait for my antibiotics IV, a doctor to check my wound and a nurse to apply fresh dressing, I'm at a point where I'm now calling out those clogging up emergency with minor ailments.

The lady with the hurt knee from a fall who was walking around and waiting for three hours?  I told her that if I went to emergency with every bruise or sprain I'd never leave.  I told her nothing was broken, to rest, ice, compress and elevate, and pop some Tylenol for the pain.

There are lots of folks in there with deep bruises or sprains.  I can't tell if they're bored, enjoy the attention or really think they've broken something.

I also wish I could self serve with the IV.  I've watched them hook me up four times now, and I know where everything is and how to do it.  Same with the wound dressing, I know where everything is and what they do, I can do that!  I envision a system where I waltz in, hook myself up to the IV, undress my wound, snap a picture for the doc to look at when he has a minute and dress it back up.  I've got the process down pat.

As for the wound itself, it still looks awful, but I'm told it's much cleaner.  I won't slide until it's scabbed up, and I'm probably going to invest in a sliding pad so I don't keep doing this.  And when I do do this again, I'll clean the wound better and wrap it up.  My sun dry technique was based on a faulty premise.

If you're at the St. Joe's emergency tonight, say hi.  I'll be the guy in the Hackey Night tee shirt.

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