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Don't Let Your Oozing Open Gash Fester For 5 Days


A mere 8 days ago, I openly complained about my various aches and pains.   You weren't supposed to read that entry, but you can read this one.   This entry is about what an idiot I am.

My back healed up nicely enough that I was able to play 3rd base for my comp team Wednesday night. I don't remember playing a better defensive 3rd base in my life, but this is about my slide into 3rd as a base runner. I did what I do a couple of times each summer and stripped the skin pretty good. That was 5 nights ago.

The wound refused to settle down and stop oozing. I cleaned it, applied polysporin and tried wrapping it up, but this afternoon it was still leaking profusely. I decided to show the nearby pharmacist and do whatever I had to do to heal this thing.

She took one look at it and told me I had to see a doctor and get antibiotics. Luckily there was a clinic next door.

The clinic doc said it was totally infected and ordered me to emergency for an IV. A prescription wasn't going to cut it. Like I said, I'm an idiot.

So now I've got a date every 24 hours with an IV. Its pretty bad, apparently. It turns out you're not supposed to let an oozing open gash fester for five days. Who knew?

Here's the wound just before they cleaned it up. See ya again tomorrow, St. Joe's!


And the first person who asks whether I was out or safe on the slide into third gets permanently banned from this site.

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