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I'm Sure I'd Really Like Paul Gross As A Friend, But...


Maybe I'm still upset with Paul Gross because of Passchendaele.  That link goes to my review of the film, which is rather scathing.  Here's an excerpt, with a big fat spoiler alert.

And then there's my least favourite scene in this movie. It just so happens to be the climatic scene where Paul Gross' character brings back David Mann from the German trenches on a crucifix. Don't ask me why Mann ran into the German trenches in the first place, I'm still trying to piece that together, or why he ended up on a crucifix, just trust me that he did. This was Gross' movie, and he wrote it to ensure he could strike one helluva Jesus Christ Pose for the grand finale. It was the key scene and it was sickening. Is that seriously the best we can do?
There was an opportunity here to do something special to honour our war heroes. Instead, Paul Gross made a boring, moronic, poorly acted piece of melodramatic bullshit.

Lately I've been cringing at the sight of the trailer for Paul Gross's latest film, Gunless.  It looks horrible.  Here's the trailer.

It turns out he's the star, not the director, but my instincts are correct.  Early reviews suggest it's another dog with fleas.

I'm not trying to rail on Paul Gross here, because the fact is, I think I'd really like him were I to have a coffee and chat with the man.  I have a feeling he's a genuinely nice guy and we'd be buds.

But Passchendaele was unforgivable, and Gunless doesn't seem fit for public consumption.

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