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Anne Mroczkowski to Co-host Global Toronto News Hour ‎


Mitch called the shot on this blog.  In the comments of my entry about Anne Mroczkowski leaving City-TV, he wrote this:

I was the one who posted info about Anne's new gig on her wikipedia page a little while back, however it was deleted after Anne's CBC "The Current" interview, where she said that she doubted that she would have another career on camera. However, sources of mine have told me that Anne will be on camera once again "in less than 3 weeks." So, it looks like the odds of seeing Anne back SOMEWHERE by the end of April is quite likely.

Mitch, who's only 14, nailed it.  Anne Mroczkowski joins Global Toronto News Hour where she will co-anchor with Leslie Roberts starting June 1.

Congratulations Anne Mroczkowski and congratulations Mitch!

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