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What Your Web Browser Says About You


Using data in Google Analytics, here are the browsers visitors to this site are using.  This data was collected over the past 30 days.


Internet Explorer is used by the majority of you, Firefox is a strong second and Safari is a decent third place with a little over 10%.  Chrome is the new kid on the block and comes in fourth.  No other browser is used by 1% of you.

Here's what your browser says about you.

Chrome - You're a speed freak, looking to get from A to B in as few parsecs as possible.  Add-ons be damned, faster is better.

Safari - You're a Mac user and that makes you feel superior to the other 90% of us.  Your arrogance is astounding.

Firefox - You hate IE, and that led you to discover Firefox back in 2004.  By now you're so dependent on Firefox add-ons you'll never switch, no matter how fast Chrome gets.  Your web standards sensibilities and loyalty to the Mozilla Foundation makes you rather endearing.

Internet Explorer - You use the browser that came by default with Windows, and you don't try another browser because you're lazy, disinterested in excellence and without a soul.  Yes, I just called 52.39% of you soulless.

The other 1.78% of you using browsers like Camino or Blazer, you're anti-establishment and you frighten me.  CSIS has already been notified.

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