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In my review of the Blue Rodeo concert at Massey Hall, I mentioned the opening act Dustin Bentall.  He was great, but he was best when joined by Kendel Carson.  This entry is about Kendel.

I'm not really a country music fan, but I like folksy country rock and ol' bluegrass stuff, like you heard in O Brother Where Art Thou?.  I like Blue Rodeo, I hate Keith Urban.  I like Johnny Cash, I hate Kenny Chesney.  You get the idea...

I loved Kendel Carson last night.  Maybe it's because I've always had a thing for the fiddle, but I couldn't get over how good she was.  He she was earlier in this tour performing "Oh Baby Lie Down".

Her fiddle solos were outstanding, and she complemented the country rock tones of Dustin Bentall perfectly. You can see her here that same night helping out with "Draft Dodger".

I really knew nothing about Kendel, so I'm catching up.

Although classically trained (and eventually a performer in the National Youth Orchestra and a featured soloist with the Victoria Symphony), Carson’s musical passion lied in the folk, country and rock scenes – especially after her family moved out West. “There’s an amazing roots scene out in Victoria,” she says. “That became my primary influence. It’s a really community-minded spirit out there. It’s inspiring.”

Give this chick a fiddle and a little room, and the world's her oyster.

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