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David Weathers: Last Champion Standing

Blue Jays

I'm addicted to the winter Olympics these days and totally psyched about our men's hockey team.  Of course, that means an entry about the 1992 Toronto Blue Jays.

The B-R Blog & Stat of the Day has pointed out that David Weathers remains as the last active player to play on a World Series winning team from 1992 or earlier.  David Weathers made 2 insignificant August appearances  for the Jays back in '92 in order to qualify for this esteemed honour.

Assuming he doesn't retire, Carlos Delgado is the only active player from our 1993 World Series championship team, but Delgado has just a slightly higher profile than David Weathers, who I had no idea was still active.

39-year old David Weathers appeared in 25 games for the 2009 Milwaukee Brewers.  He's the last champion standing.

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