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The Slippery Slope of Independent Blogging


For a while this past summer, my ring tone was Lester Freamon in The Wire saying "all the pieces matter".  It's perhaps that line more than any other in the series that rings most true.  All the pieces do matter, and they all connect, but you have to recognize them before you can measure their influence.

I've spent some time these past few weeks attacking Pepsi for their Cheer Nation campaign.  If you follow this blog, you're likely sick if me blogging about the Saskatoon article, the Vancouver article and literally starting Twitter wars with panty salespeople.  And it's pretty tough to get sick of Twitter wars with panty salespeople.

I wasn't shy with my passionate hatred for that Pepsi campaign, which I now blame for the silver medal.  You really couldn't read this blog over the past few weeks and miss it.  It became something personal to me, and when a battle becomes personal, you'll sacrifice almost anything to win.  @pmcphedran joked that I had killed my shot at getting any Pepsi perks.

A few days ago, I heard from Pepsi.  Specifically, I heard from Gatorade, but Pepsi owns Gatorade and this story is better if I say I heard from Pepsi.

Gatorade asked if they could buy me lunch at the Sterling Room in the Air Canada Club on Sunday afternoon.  After lunch, they'll give me courtside seats to see the Boston Celtics take on our Toronto Raptors.  Of course there's no such thing as a free lunch (or free courtside seats at the ACC), so I'll be hearing about Gatorade's newest promotion at some point.  After seven years of blogging, I've got the drill down pat.

This is the slippery slope of independent blogging.  In one entry you'll lambaste Pepsi for thrusting the worst ad campaign in Canadian television history down your throat and in the next entry you'll promote their newest campaign while you thank them for the penne putenesca and courtside Raps tix you know you could never afford on your own.

All the pieces matter...

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