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It's Better Courtside


There I was at the Air Canada Club, an hour before tipoff and enjoying my pasta, when the Gatorade guy told me why I was there to watch the Raptors and Celtics from the very first row.  It's called “Experience G”...

"Experience G" will give sports fans the opportunity to  score some unforgettable major league experiences - from court side at the Raptors or rink side at an Oilers game, to field side at a Bombers game, there will be tons of sporting events to choose from.
Fanatics can qualify by becoming a fan of the soon-to-be-launched Experience G Facebook page and uploading a video of themselves completing a specific a challenge that tests athletic ability and will to win - this could be anything from showing their best game face, touchdown dance or slapshot to a three point shot or crazy ball-handling skills.  Tickets to sporting events across the country are available, so there are lots of chances to win.

I looked the guy from Gatorade directly in the eyes and asked him the big question.  "Will this social media campaign at any time imply that we're cheering wrong and tell us exactly how  to cheer?"

I'm promised there will be no cheer.  This chant-less campaign is already 100x better than That Damn Pepsi Cheer as far as I'm concerned.  And I'm not just saying that because they bought me lunch, let me order anything throughout the game on their tab and gave me first row courtside seats to see the Celtics.

It's better courtside.  I was courtside before, but not first row.  It's completely surreal and you get to enjoy the game within the game.  I'm talking about all the trash talking, especially from the always hilarious Rasheed Wallace.  Wallace killed us all afternoon and wasn't shy about replying to our heckles.  When one loudster told him he sucked, his instant reply to us all across from the Raptors bench was "thank you very much".

Kendrick Perkins was also a treat to watch.  At one point, he told us to "eat a dick".  You don't get such demands in the Sprite Zone.

Although the Raps did pull within four with a couple of minutes to play, we trailed wire to wire.  That's okay, because I had the best seat in the house.  Check out these pics.

Raps vs. Celtics
Raps vs. Celtics
Raps vs. Celtics
Raps vs. Celtics
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