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Humble Howard On Turning 50

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Humble Howard is currently co-host of the Boom Breakfast Show on Boom 97.3.  He's also a good buddy of mine, and tomorrow he turns 50.

He's just asked me to post something he's written on the subject.  When he sent me this prose via email, the subject line read "Old Guy Ranting".  I think it's far better perspective than that.

Here's Humble Howard on turning 50.

I have been thinking a lot about age lately, mainly because it's not everyday you turn half a century old and it seems like a big deal, at least to other people. For me it's just a number. When I hit 30 or 40 those numbers didn't vex me and I'm not too freaked out by this milestone… it beats the alternative of "not turning 50!"
I will say that 50 seems a lot younger than it used to. My Dad's 50 was way older than mine. I was 12 when he was this age and I thought he was super old. I don't think it's the same for my kids, I'm far too active and immature and I'm guessing they think of my 50 as younger than my father's.
We all think that as we age the age we used to think was ancient gets older and older. 60 year olds are old but I guarantee you that when I'm 59 I'll think 60 is the new 45.
Getting older is just a way of marking time and time marching on is what is scary to all of us. I'm not going to lie. I've been keeping track of celebrity deaths that are close to my age and going, "He was only 59? That's only 9 years older than me!" That's' the really scary part of getting older-getting older is when people die. Yes they do. And that's the real reason we all want to stall the number of candles on the cake. Fun huh?
So I'm viewing this as an opportunity for adventure and to find new forms of life on the other side of my half-century. And I'll look at it this way- tomorrow I won't be a year older, I'll just be one day older than 49.

You can follow Humble on Twitter, or become his friend on Facebook.

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