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Dead Teen Songs: My Favourites


In my travels the other night, I stumbled upon Dead Teen Songs or Teenage Death Music or the teen death song or teen tragedy.  In addition to being quite the title, it's quite the list.

You've got to love songs about teenage death.  Here are my ten favourite dead teen songs.

  • Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
  • Leader of the Pack - The Shangri-las
  • I Don't Like Mondays - Boomtown Rats
  • Delia's Gone - Johnny Cash
  • The Legend Of Tom Dooley - The Kingston Trio
  • Freddie's Dead - Curtis Mayfield
  • 19 - Paul Hardcastle
  • Adam's Song - Blink 182
  • Jeremy - Pearl Jam
  • People Who Died - Jim Carroll

But my favourite teen tragedy song didn't even get a mention on this web page.  That would be Big League by Tom Cochrane and Red Rider. Hit a truck doing seventy in the wrong lane to the big league.

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