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I'm Quoted in a Text Book Called Perspectives on Ideology


On my way to hockey last night, I made a quick stop at the Purolator depot to pick up a package they've been trying to deliver to me.  It was a textbook from Oxford University Press entitled "Perspectives on Ideology".  For the life of me last night, I couldn't figure out who sent it to me or why.

This morning, my wife cracked the case.  She found a letter on page 376 from Oxford University Press that explained I'm quoted in this text book.  Here's the letter:


I guess I gave permission at some point and totally forgot about it.  I quickly jumped to page 376 and found myself quoted between an MP and Ayn Rand.  Not bad...


The actual entry they printed can be found right here.

As @vinaymenon just pointed out, being quoted in a text book entitled Perspectives on Ideology makes me sound like a  freedom fighter, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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