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EZ Rock to Change Formats on Boxing Day - Now BOOM FM


As a fan of the old Humble and Fred show that aired on CFNY throughout the 90s, Humble's role on the 97.3 EZ Rock morning show has been bittersweet.  On the one hand, he's back doing mornings on Toronto radio.  On the other hand, it's EZ Rock, home of Celine Dion, John Tesh and a soccer mom music paradise.

Thankfully for us old Humble and Fred fans, and fans of the old CFNY, EZ Rock is changing formats on Boxing Day and will become BOOM FM playing classic hits.  No more "light favourites of yesterday and today" or whatever that music was supposed to be.  It will become sort of an adult alternative station with a focus on classic hits.  At least that's the buzz on the street.

It makes sense.  Humble and Colleen in the mornings and then Maie Pauts.  Goodbye Celine, hello Thompson Twins.  Goodbye John Tesh, hello Tears For Fears.  Goodbye EZ Rock, hello BOOM FM.

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