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The Final Taboo: The Man-on-Man Mouth Kiss


I recorded Sunday night's American Music Awards and watched it last night.  Most of it was pretty bad, so I'm glad I was able to fast forward a good chunk of it.  I did watch the closing performance by Adam Lambert, however, and part of that performance was one of the final taboos on American television.

Adam Lambert, an openly gay man, had the audacity to kiss another man on the lips.  The kiss with his keyboard player lasted only a second, but it resulted in over 1,500 complaints by American viewers to ABC. ABC's "Good Morning America" has even cancelled an appearance by Adam Lambert on their show as a result of this performance.

I believe the man-on-man mouth kiss is one of the final taboos on network TV.  When Britney Spears and Madonna smooched during the MTV Video Music Awards, it was great water cooler chat fodder, but there was no FCC action.  We'll see if the FCC can resist creating a clear double standard moment with Lambert and ABC.

2009 AMA Awards Show

I think those 1,500 people complaining about Lambert's 11pm performance need to get over it.  Same sex kissing is just as boring as opposite sex kissing.

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