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Seinfeld Reunion Update, Courtesy of Curb Your Enthusiasm


I loved Seinfeld and I love Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Last night, as I watched Sunday's episode of CYE, I was treated to the best of both worlds.

If you're a fellow Seinfeld fan, you've got to see this episode.  The primary Seinfeld actors had a table reading of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David's Seinfeld Reunion script and we gained insight into what's happened to the characters these past dozen years.

Here are some of the highlights: (SPOILER ALERT, ELVIS!

  • Elaine had a baby courtesy of  Jerry’s donated sperm.
  • George got rich inventing an iToilet app for the iPhone, but lost all his money to Bernie Madoff.
  • George’s ex-wife, Amanda, still had her hefty divorce settlement, so naturally he wants to win her back.
  • Newman is still a postman.

We're promised more Seinfeld character updates next week.

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