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Cito and Letterman


A couple of items caught my eye this morning as I caught up on the news.  They involved a couple of people I admire: David Letterman and Cito Gaston.

Letterman admitted to a series of affairs with female staff as he explained he was being blackmailed for $2 million.

Here he is confessing his sins to his Late Show audience.

In local news, it's come to light that several members of our Toronto Blue Jays want manager Cito Gaston fired.  Speaking off the record, Gaston's style was deemed too "old school" and negative by "nine or ten" players.

I've always liked Cito, but it looks like his days on the bench have come to an end.  I heard Mike Wilner on The Fan 590 say it was unanimous.  The players want Cito to go, and it's easier to replace one manager than 20 players.

Now you're up to date.

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