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The Death of Cursive Writing


I just read an AP write-up about cursive writing being a fading skill and it reminded me of an exchange I had with my son's JK teacher during my very first parent-teacher interview as a parent.

I cracked a joke with Mrs. X. about James learning to type his name and skipping the whole printing thing. She sort of glared at me until I muttered "just kidding" at which point she said "I hope so". You'd think I'd get the message that joking about this topic wasn't funny, but I asked her if they still teach cursive writing any more. I let her know that I never use it. She proudly stated that they still teach cursive writing before typing. I say teach 'em how to sign their cheques and credit card receipts and move straight to keyboard class.

That was three years ago, and I was sincerely surprised we still teach kids cursive writing.  I now take all my notes on my laptop or Blackberry.  It's not only faster, it deposits my remarks into a centralized database, making it accessible from home, work or wherever.  It's smarter.

Be honest, when was the last time you used cursive writing, aside from signing your name to a cheque, credit card receipt or contract?

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