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Sporting Events I've Recorded to VHS


On September 11, I posted a picture of the Globe and Mail newspaper I've kept from September 12, 2001.  Just as I'd keep newspapers following significant news events, I used to record significant sporting events to VHS.

Kids, in the days before PVRs and DVRs, we had these things called VCRs and we'd record television programs to VHS cassette tapes.  That's right, the video images wrote to tape, actual tape.  You'll have to take my word for it.

Only a few of these sporting events have survived to this day.  I still have the following games stored away:

  • Toronto Raptors Inaugural Game
  • Wayne Gretzky's Final Game
  • Final Leafs Game at Maple Leaf Gardens
  • 1991 All-Star Game from SkyDome
  • Final Jays Game at Exhibition Stadium

Here's the photographic evidence.

Sporting Events I've Taped
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