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Smart People Review

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Smart People: 4 out of 10.

Smart People is a pretentious piece of crap.  At 95 minutes, I thought it would never end.

The voice Dennis Quaid puts on to seem pompous is so annoying, I wanted to kick his ass, but not in an engaging, effective way.  He was just bugging the shit out of me.

True story: when this movie was coming to theatres, the producers asked me to attend a media preview so I'd blog about it.  I looked at the cast, thought it was pretty good, and agreed to attend. In what I now deem as a miracle, the tickets arrived three days after the viewing.  This had never happened before, and hasn't happened since.  This event, more than any other in the past ten years, has me wondering if there might just be a good Lord above. They say He works in mysterious ways...

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