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Polaris Prize Winners F**k Up MSM

Fucked Up

Toronto's Fucked Up (a hardcore band, not a declaration) won the fourth annual $20,000 Polaris Music Prize.

I can't say I'm familiar with Fucked Up.  I was interested, however, in how this news would be reported by the mainstream media.  Will they print "Fucked Up" or F***ed Up" or something else?

I shot over to Google News and scanned the articles about Polaris that were posted today.  Here are how some media outlets are reporting Fucked Up's big upset win.

  • The Globe and Mail - Fucked Up
  • Toronto Star - F---ed Up
  • Toronto Sun - F----- Up
  • - F--ked Up
  • National Post - F----d Up
  • - F**ked Up
  • Ottawa Citizen - F----d Up
  • Winnipeg Sun - F----- Up
  • Metro Canada - F--ked Up
  • McGill Tribune - Fucked Up
  • The Province - Fucked Up
  • - Fucked Up
  • Exclaim! - Fucked Up
  • ChartAttack - Fucked Up
  • - F**ked Up
  • Jam! Showbiz - F----- Up
  • Charlottetown, The Guardian - Fucked Up
  • - F----d Up
  • Calgary Sun - F----- Up
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