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Archie Lovers Shouldn't Fall For the Veronica Trap


I admit it, I used to read Archie Comics.  I gobbled them up like candy as a kid.  I know I'm not alone because the gang from Riverdale has been gracing comic book covers for 70 years.

It was recently revealed that Archie is engaged to marry Veronica.  This upset many fans of the series, because we always assumed Archie would wise up and choose Betty.  Heck, if he lets Betty go, I'll swoop in and take her.  Betty is awesome.  Veronica is a snobby, shallow user.  Only an idiot would choose Veronica over Betty.

Archie, apparently, is an idiot.  Here's poor Betty sharing the invitation she received on her blog.  It's breaking my heart.


Fear not, Archie lovers.  This is a scam.  There is absolutely no way Archie will go through with his wedding to Veronica.  I'd bet the house on it.  Archie, in the end, will choose Betty.  It's a no-brainer.

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