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12" Version of Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream) for Mike from Lowville and You


A couple of days ago I shared the MP3 of The Icicle Works' "Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)".

Andrew chimed in with this comment:

There's a 12" remix of this song that I have from a collection called "Classic Alternatives." It's a 4 disc set with lots of great remixes and 12" remixes. The version that's on the compliation is one of the best 12" out there... at least from what I can remember from my radio and DJ'ing years.

Mike from Lowville followed with this comment:

Andrew, I've been trying to get that for years.....with no luck!

Andrew then sent the MP3 to me and I'm sharing it here for Mike from Lowville and you.  Enjoy.

The Icicle Works - Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream) 12 inch Remix

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