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Toronto Zoo Ad Reminds Me Of Nikolai Volkoff

zoo ad

There's an ad airing these days for Sharks at Stingray Bay at the Toronto Zoo.  The ad features Russian submariners and concludes with the national anthem of the Soviet Union.  Here's the ad, if you haven't seen it.

One note of that Soviet Union anthem and I'm a kid again watching WWF wrestling.  In the mid-80s, Nikolai Volkoff, often teamed with The Iron Sheik, was a popular heel, a wrestler you loved to hate, and during a time when the Russians were the "evil empire", Volkoff would always open his matches by singing the Soviet Union national anthem.  It was great theatre.

Here's footage of Nikolai Volkoff vs. Corporal Kirschner in a Peace Match.  That was quite the feud back in the day.  You can see Volkoff singing the Soviet national anthem at the 2:34 mark.  I love how disgusted future governor Jesse Ventura seemed when Kirschner so rudely interrupted.

I thought it in 1986 and I still think it now: Corporal Kirschner folded like a cheap suit.

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