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Gene Simmons Master Spin Doctor, But Who's Buying?


It seems rock band KISS was caught screwing with the Shwa and Gene Simmons was quick to call on the spin doctors.

That's Simmons' game.  He's always marketing, always selling the shit, and this time his story isn't being bought by anyone.  Let's see what Gene Simmons had to say about KISS passing over the Shwa when they released their tour sked.

I'm really pissed off at the media for creating this nonsense.
Respectfully, the fans aren't qualified to understand how things are done ... (they) don't know how things work.

Let's now hear from fellow bandmate Paul Stanley.

You may hear a slightly different story from Gene, but so be it.
The media was carrying the dissent and upset feeling of the fans. They weren't creating anything, they were reporting it. Don't blame the messenger.

And then there's KISS spokesman Erik Stein.

The size of the production turned out to require a larger venue. In this case, that turned out to be the Air Canada Centre.

Nice try, Gene.  At least Oshawa gets their concert.  Too bad it took a media shitstorm to get it done.

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