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New Personalities Wanted at CFRB


I don't listen to CFRB 1010.  I recently visited CFRB and sat in on Jim Richards' show, a guy I actually find to be quite funny, but I can't say I ever listen to the Astral station.

Today, Astral let go 12 people at CFRB.  Among those let go are on air personalities, including Paul and Carol Mott, Michael Coren and Jacqui Delaney, news staffers, including newscaster Kris McCusker, and producers.

Paul and Carol Mott, a husband and wife radio team known as The Motts, are the only personalities on that list I had ever listened to.  Many years ago I used to listen to them on CFRB.  It seems like they've been there forever.

CFRB is in the market for new personalities.  Know any willing to work in radio?

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