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Carny Doc from TVO - Watch it Here


I watch a lot of documentaries.  I love a good doc.  One of my favourite documentary series is The View From Here on TVO.  If you have a PVR, I highly recommend recording The View From Here as it's better than anything you'll find on ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX.

With the Ex in full swing, my own personal memories of carny folk have peculated to the top of my mind.  I'm planning a visit to the Ex next Saturday, and in preparation for that visit, I took in the TVO documentary "Carny" that aired as part of their The View From Here series.

"Carny" is fascinating.  Here's the description from TVO.

This documentary will explore the slowly-disappearing world of the family-based traveling carnival and the ubiquitous itinerant workers that inhabit this world. The filmmaker will follow a traveling three-generation family carnival and capture the poetry of the fairground experience. This will be a glimpse into a mysterious, intoxicating and often maligned subculture, providing a unique point of view into a contemporary nomadic way of life that is quickly vanishing.

You've got to check this out.  Let me make this easy for you.  Watch "Carny" in its entirety below.  You're welcome.

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